Use the Measure tool to quickly measure any distance, dimension or absolute and relative position on your screen.

Measure tool active in the Toolbar


To measure the distance between objects, place the crosshair between them. It will automatically snap to the objects' edge and show the distance between them in the tooltip.

In case you want to measure the distance across multiple objects, you can use the arrow keys to jump in the desired direction to the next object's edge.


To measure the dimension of an on-screen element, select the area around the element. The selection box will automatically snap to the object's outline and the dimensions will appear in the attached tooltip.

Absolute position

To measure the absolute position of an element on your screen, switch to the Measure position mode by pressing Space. Move the crosshair tool to your desired location and read the position measurement from the attached tooltip.

Relative position

For measuring relative positions, Left-click anywhere on your screen, to place a reference point. Once you've placed the reference point, your measurements will be calculated relative to that point.


You can hold your measurements on screen for reference or to capture screenshots with them. To hold measurements on screen, use the context menu or the appropriate shortcuts from the list below.


Activate the Measure toolOption+DAlt+D
Leave the Measure toolEsc
Hold horizontal distanceH
Hold vertical distanceV
Hold both distance/positionD
Toggle distance/position modeSpace
Clear screenOption+CAlt+C