An impressive set of design utility tools to measure distance, dimension, position, pick colors, test contrast and align on-screen elements, anywhere on your screen.

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Available from macOS 10.11+ (El Capitan) & Windows 10


Plays Nicely With
Your Existing Tools

EpicRuler works inside any app you have, anywhere on your screen. It's not limited to the browser and could be configured to work seamlessly with your existing tools.


You can measure anything on your screen. Yep, literally anything! EpicRuler works inside any app, and you can measure the distance, dimension or position of any on-screen element, making it the ultimate measuring tool for macOS and Windows.


Measure padding, margin and whitespace between elements.


Measure the size of any object (width & height).


Measure the absolute or relative position of any element.


Use the snappable guidelines to align any elements on your screen. Once added, the guidelines stay on your screen until you remove them. This way you can use it during the design phase inside your design tool or during the implementation phase inside your browser or IDE.

Horizontal Guideline

Align on-screen elements horizontally, along the x-axis.

Vertical Guideline

Align on-screen elements vertically, along the y-axis.


EpicRuler comes with a color picker like no other. Besides picking colors from anywhere on your screen, you can also use the color picker to quickly check the contrast between the foreground and background of elements with the innovate click & drag contrast checker. As a nice addition, the color picker comes with a size adjustable loupe that is also useful for inspecting unintended layout shifts.

Pick colors

Copy the RGB, HEX, HSL code of any color from your screen.

Check contrast

Check the contrast between elements on your screen.


Inspect your layout's alignment and highlight issues.


The color of the tools automatically change based on the surface's color, to keep them always well visible.


Measure distance across multiple objects by using the arrow keys to jump to the next object's edge.


Always get real measurement values by matching the zoom-level of EpicRuler to your target app.


Hold distance, dimension, position measurements, loupe, color codes on screen then take screenshots.

Snap to edge

Measurement and guideline tools automatically snap to the edge of on-screen elements.

Undo & Redo

The standard undo & redo shortcuts are supported, so you can quickly fix any accidental action.


Take Awesome

Take professional looking screenshots quickly and share them with your team or clients easily by drag & dropping them to any collaboration, project management or email app.

Take screenshots of your measurements to facilitate efficient design hand-off and design-related bug reporting.

Add professional looking comments quickly and forget those bad looking red arrows and texts forever.

Hold color codes on screen

Color names & codes

Hold dimensions on screen

Height, width, dimension


Access tools quickly through the menubar.


Option+DActivate the measure tool
Option+GActivate the guideline tool
Option+PActivate the picker tool
Option+SActivate the screenshot tool
Option+TToggle toolbar visibility
Option+CClear screen
EscExit from the active tool
Use Cases

Is it for you?


  • Quickly measure and align anything on your screen.
  • Steal colors from any image, like an artist.
  • Hand-off your designs with self-explanatory screenshots showcasing margins, paddings, colors and your instructions.


  • Check paddings, margins, whitespace and relative or absolute positions quickly in your implementation or in designs assets.
  • Copy width, height and colors in the format you need it.
  • Take professional looking screenshots with your measurements and collaborate more efficiently.

Product & QA

  • Compare final implementations and design assets and report layout issues efficiently by taking professional looking, self-explanatory screenshots.
  • Use EpicRuler as a replacement for the browser's developer tools. It suites most of your needs and it's way easier to use.
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Available on macOS 10.11+ and Windows 10

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